Chamber of Secrets

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of Chamber of Secrets’ publication! Strange things are happening…

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Hello fans!

As usual, magical things are happening behind the scenes of Auror’s Tale. Our cast and crew are hard at work, and though amazing opportunities all over the country present challenges in coordinating filming dates, we could not be happier for them. We are continuing to redevelop the show and the material we have so far. Though progress is slow, we are thrilled with what we have so far.

Though we all experience magic in our daily lives, one of the best visual representations comes through special effects. It’s always fun to incorporate effects into the show, even ones as simple as this. Enjoy, and let us know in the comments how your summer is going to be magical!

PR Auror Rayne

P.S.: As you can tell from Lokai’s face, wearing black leather in an un-airconditioned car during summer in New York is a blast. Someone may be in need of a cooling charm…
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Hello! I see that Meet the Wands lists a few of Alivan's products. A bit of post stalking implied you exchanged designs with Alivan's for your project - were the African Blackwood, Ebony with Swarovski Crystal, and Kingwood wands your original designs too then? [As a fan of Alivan's works, I find it interesting if you could propose the wandmakers designs to produce or no : ) ]
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Hello! The wands you mentioned are from Alivan’s “Majestic” and “Fantasies” Collections. However, we do have other custom-made wands from Alivan’s.

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I love everything you guys are doing, and as a huge harry potter fan myself I can't wait to see what all your hard work comes down too. The Teaser videos are hands down amazing and the costumes that i've seen are so bad ass i just wanna steal them all for my closet. Can't wait to watch for amazing ideas and creation! Good luck!!

Thank you for the support!

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The Show That Lived

Hello Auror’s Tale Fans,

We hope you are all having a wonderful year!

As many of you have pointed out, there are are a minefield of copyright issues when working with any pre existing series or world, especially something as successful as Harry Potter. We have encountered some of these issues, and will be reshaping our project in a variety of ways.

Most notably, we have been requested that the total runtime of Auror’s Tale be less than 80 minutes long. Therefore, we will be shortening our story arc to 6-7 episodes. This means recutting, reediting, and in some instances even reshooting the episodes of Act I that we have completed so far in order to adjust for pacing and plot changes.

At this point, we plan on finishing at least 75% of the entire series before releasing. This will make everything run smoothly once episode 1 airs. Though this is not the original plan, we know you will not want to wait for months in between episodes— it’s that good!

Many of you have asked about Auror’s Tale memorabilia. While we will be distributing all the prizes promised to Kickstarter funders, no additional Auror’s Tale materials will be made available. This goes for shirts, badges, DVDs, and any other items unique to Auror’s Tale or with our logo. The show will, of course, always be free to view on YouTube.

These are some of the conditions that we have been given so that Auror’s Tale can move forward. We apologize for the further delays that this will cause.

As we have stated before, no one on Auror’s Tale works for profit. We all volunteer to do what we do because we love film, we love Harry Potter, and we love you, our fans. We are currently planning to film the remainder of the series in June. Between now and then, we will be brining you a taste of what it’s like on the production scene.

Keep updated with our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and thank you for your undying support and understanding.

-PR Auror Rayne

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It is sad to see that you are bastardizing my childhood just for the sake of money. Don't say otherwise either because its the truth with all of you. You care nothing about the passion HP fans have for the series and you don't care about the mystery that was already established by JK Rowling. You capitalist pigs make me and a handful of many others around the world horrendously disgusted. Once you prove otherwise, you have already made enemies. You people make HP unbearable.
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I think there’s a misunderstanding here, OP! Auror’s Tale is not for profit, and no one on the project is paid. The money raised on Kickstarter is used for things such as camera rentals, cosfuming, location rental fees, etc. If anything, our team is sacrificing money they could be making from other projects when they come work on Auror’s Tale!

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Are you guys still going to release Auror's Tale? Cuz it's been like a really long time since you said you would...
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Auror’s Tale is still in production and will indeed be released. As noted in late December, we changed our release date to 2013. We plan to be filming more this summer!

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Is there any way that I would be able to audition for a role in your film? (That is, if there are open roles). And if I don't live there, would I perhaps be able to submit a video or what is your process? I would very much like to be part of this. I have family in New York so traveling there for a bit would not be an issue.
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Anyone interested in acting on Auror’s Tale may send a headshot, resume, and reel if you have one to with the subject line “ATTN: Casting Director”. However, we do request that you live in NYC as you must be able to make it to set if chosen as an extra or any other role. 

Any predictions when the backer gifts will be out? It'd be nice to have an update
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Backer prizes will be out when Act I is complete! We cannot send out the DVDs/Blurays before the content is filmed and edited, so we must do that first. 

Auror’s Tale director Leo Kei Angelos visits Whimsic Alley with underground LA Auror Hailey Bright. Quidditch house rivalry ensues.

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