Are you going to have something like a tv show or just videos in internet?
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As Auror’s Tale is a fan series, it will only be available online.

-PR Auror Rayne

Hey I have Tons of Special hand crafted want you will want to see please let me email you some photos i have backround stories for them you may want to use them.
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Thank you for the offer, however Alivan’s is our source for all character wands!

-PR Auror Rayne

Did you know about this detail from the Harry Potter set design?

Piecing together a set is always inspiring and magical. We have had a lot of fun incorporating moving paintings and pictures!

-PR Auror Rayne

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Leo Kei Angelos (Director) sits down to discuss delays, the shooting of Episode 1, and what you can expect from Auror’s Tale in 2013.

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Happy New Year from Team Auror’s Tale! If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here.

What’s this? A very special New Year’s video? In Central Park??

Looks like Lokai and Sarya had some fun last night, and worked hard to make New Year’s Eve magical- literally!

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Is that a mannequin, or a Hellhound??

Auror Sarya Steelwing has joined Lokai Hawthorne to keep the celebratory New Yorkers safe.

"Manhattan. New years eve. One million people on the streets. One Auror to protect them all."

Lokai is on duty tonight… I wonder what he has in store for our fans?

Hope you are all having a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!
-PR Auror Rayne