Introducing the working drafts of the costumes for the cousins, Eleonore (Beta) Twist and Sebastian Twist during their first appearance in Episode 2.  

These devilish deviants insist that they deserve the best, so we gave it to them; diamonds and furs for Beta and silk and vintage suspenders for Seb. They are a highborn pair with high standards for themselves. This look is one of the few times we see them at their more casual. Later in the series, you will find that we often see them in their dueling clothes. These costumes excite me because it is simply what they might wear on their few hours off. Beta and Sebastian reek of old pureblood fashion habits in all their attire, but with their own modern flourishes on their outfits. They were raised as aristocrats so they always dress as best they can…

Is the highest paid Hellhound without any other hobbies. Aside from some potions, what else would she spend her earnings on but her wardrobe?  She feels entitled to decadence, but not eccentricity. The bases of her costumes are simple and chic. Here we see that, beneath all the bustle of the faux fur and dripping diamonds, she will be wearing a simple, stretchy black tube dress. Over that she wears a fitted, spandex jacket which is meant to allude to leather or sleek dragonhide. The zipper running along the side of it is asymmetrical and partially obscured by straps (that I think look a bit like the fixings on a straight jacket…). The rusty color of the fur gives her an accent against all that black and might give us a hint at her cruelty. The diamonds are excessive and unnecessary; a power play. What is not seen here are opaque black stockings and practical, heeled shoes. Her extra details include two diamond rings and pink polish on her nails. When Beta is not on the job, she looks quite the lady. When she is out on an assassination mission, however, her battle-gear looks VERY different…

He is a dapper fellow who, like his cousin, refuses to believe that his family’s monetary status is anything less than the sublime. While he might appear clean-cut, his mind is far from sparkling… His shirt is a crisp cotton with a darkly whimsical print on it that is very reminiscent of the extravagance of popular architectural fashions of the 1700s in Europe. The seams all have obvious, extra stitching in subtle, black thread. The collar is not entirely sharp, giving him a not-as-hyper air. The suspenders he wears are vintage and gleam in tandem with his cousin’s diamonds. They provide a more nostalgic feel to the ensemble, letting everyone know he’ll have nothing to do with those boring muggle trends. The exaggerated, silk cravat is my echo of an attempt at competing with Beta’s larger pieces near her neck and displays a comparative delicacy about the character. What is not featured here are classy, black dress shoes that are polished to perfection. His sleeves may be rolled up or down in the actual scene. If up, the actor, Isaac Haldeman, will show off the tattoo that he and his character will share on his left forearm, a beautiful renaissance sailing vessel.  


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