Chamber of Secrets

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of Chamber of Secrets’ publication! Strange things are happening…

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Hello fans!

As usual, magical things are happening behind the scenes of Auror’s Tale. Our cast and crew are hard at work, and though amazing opportunities all over the country present challenges in coordinating filming dates, we could not be happier for them. We are continuing to redevelop the show and the material we have so far. Though progress is slow, we are thrilled with what we have so far.

Though we all experience magic in our daily lives, one of the best visual representations comes through special effects. It’s always fun to incorporate effects into the show, even ones as simple as this. Enjoy, and let us know in the comments how your summer is going to be magical!

PR Auror Rayne

P.S.: As you can tell from Lokai’s face, wearing black leather in an un-airconditioned car during summer in New York is a blast. Someone may be in need of a cooling charm…
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Auror’s Tale director Leo Kei Angelos visits Whimsic Alley with underground LA Auror Hailey Bright. Quidditch house rivalry ensues.

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Did you know about this detail from the Harry Potter set design?

Piecing together a set is always inspiring and magical. We have had a lot of fun incorporating moving paintings and pictures!

-PR Auror Rayne

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Happy New Year from Team Auror’s Tale! If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here.

What’s this? A very special New Year’s video? In Central Park??

Looks like Lokai and Sarya had some fun last night, and worked hard to make New Year’s Eve magical- literally!

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This just in from VFX editor Logan! Some harddrive-shattering effects are headed your way!

Happy New Year to all our fans, friends, and supporters!

It has been a long, exciting, and challenging year up here in New York. In June, you made our dreams come true through your generous Kickstarter donations and enthusiastic support. Ever since then, Auror’s Tale has become a huge part of everyone in the cast and crew’s life. We are constantly stumbling across locations that we joke would be perfect for filming; we make up stories about how every landmark from the unicorn statue in Central Park to the lights on the Empire State Building are secretly communication tools used by the Aurors (and has anyone noticed the giant wand overlooking Union Square?); some of us (*cough*Leo*cough*) have been known to carry our wands everywhere; and I don’t think Cassandra has entered her favorite store, Gothic Renaissance, without finding at least one thing to later replicate and incorporate into her costume design for the past six months.

As with all productions run on a tight budget, we have also had our fair share of difficulties. Corrupted hard drives, finding affordable places to film in one of the most expensive cities in the world, an unprecedented national disaster, and working around the schedules of professional actors, authors, students, musicians, directors, and very active industry professionals have all contributed to the unexpected delay in releasing Auror’s Tale Episode 1.

Please be reminded that no one on this project works for pay. Your Kickstarter contributions are going towards location and equipment rentals, costuming, editing equipment, and props. Filming and editing both mean taking time out of our full-time jobs to work because we love Harry Potter, we love you, and we want to give back to the incredible world and fandom that gave many of us our childhoods. It is indeed slow work, but as a mixture of perfectionist filmmakers and Potter aficionados, we are doing our very best to bring you the best possible product, whether it means doing twenty takes of the same scene or editing frame-by-frame (24 per second!) to make certain that the effects are flawless. At this time, we cannot give you a release date, and do not want to make false promises by estimating one. However, we will continue to give you spoiler-free updates as often as we can, and we ask you to please be patient as we try to make this web series as brilliant as we know it has the potential to be!

Additionally, many of you have inquired about the Kickstarter prizes. We are not ready at this time to send those out. We have had a very small amount of teeshirts and sketches printed, as well as some awesome, very authentic looking Auror badges. However, since we are working on a tight budget, we need to continue to look for products that are of the highest quality for the lowest price before we are ready to share these goodies with you. The Master Wandmakers at Alivan’s have been especially helpful in this regard. As our official wand sponsor, they have produced beautiful wands for us, and have been enthusiastically sending designs back and forth (and back and forth, and back and forth!) until everyone is more than satisfied with the uniquely extraordinary craftsmanship involved. We can absolutely promise, however, that your contributions will not go unacknowledged, and you will receive the prizes as soon as they live up to our self-proclaimed fabulous tastes.

We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with love, family, friends, and good food, and thank you so much for the kindness and support you have showed us. On to an adventurous new year!

Best wishes from your new Public Relations Auror,

Rayne Holm

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I received my house sweater from alivan’s today, and i thought that this was a nice touch.

We always comment on this sticker whenever we receive something from Alivan’s, our official wandmaker.

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