What’s this? A very special New Year’s video? In Central Park??

Looks like Lokai and Sarya had some fun last night, and worked hard to make New Year’s Eve magical- literally!

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Is that a mannequin, or a Hellhound??

Auror Sarya Steelwing has joined Lokai Hawthorne to keep the celebratory New Yorkers safe.

"Manhattan. New years eve. One million people on the streets. One Auror to protect them all."

Lokai is on duty tonight… I wonder what he has in store for our fans?

Hope you are all having a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!
-PR Auror Rayne

Hey AurorsArmy and Hellhounders! There’s just two days to go until our biggest FanFriday yet. We can’t EXACTLY tell you what is coming, but we can provide this SNAZZY new version of our teaser to hold you over. Check it out, now with original music by Glen Cheney! 

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How would those of you in NYC and within travelling distance like a meet & greet?

Would a meet & greet party with some of the cast at a NYC venue be a good reward for backing us? Complete with photo opportunities, photo/poster signings, and a sneak peek perhaps? Let us know by liking this post or reblogging with your comments, including how much you would be willing to spend on that party. We might add this to the available Kickstarter rewards if we get enough interest.

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We’re picturing another teaser recut like this…with an epic voice over:

This Summer….GIF begins!