What’s this? A very special New Year’s video? In Central Park??

Looks like Lokai and Sarya had some fun last night, and worked hard to make New Year’s Eve magical- literally!

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You might recognize this as another face from our teaser and our Kickstarter videos.

Introducing Sarya Steelwing, the Junior Officer and Lokai Hawthorne’s partner, played by Tabetha Ray.

Here’s a little bit about Tabetha:

Tabetha Ray is a working actress who from a young age knew this is what she was meant to do. It also runs in the family: her great great grandparents performed on Broadway and her great grandfather Steve Courtleigh was a radio actor who voiced both The Shadow and The Green Hornet. She has a number of projects set to be released on DVD shortly, including a great horror movie called THE CEMETERY. Tabetha also works behind the scenes doing screenwriting, producing and costuming. Learn more about Tabetha on her IMDB page at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3687903/.

Last night, we shot the Kickstarter video with some of the AUROR’S TALE cast. A lot of good laughs were shared and thanks to some dedicated fans, we’ve established that we’re calling the fans the #AurorsArmy if you’re for the Department, and the #Hellhounders if you’re a no-goodnik. We’ll let you know as soon as our KS project launches.

From L to R: Leanna Renee Hieber, Christopher Lopez, Tabetha Ray, Leo Kei Angelos, Cassandra Johnstone, and Philip Willingham.