Fan Friday means something awesome is coming and tonight it means someone awesome too! Victoria Barron is a skilled duelist and mercenary, new to the Hellhound gang.

The concept art you see above is what those who backed at THE MERCENARY Kickstarter level will receive signed prints of. Cool, huh? Here’s a little bit more about the actress playing Victoria, Morgan McGrath:

Morgan McGrath is an independent stuntwoman working in New York City, having played and doubled leads in several independent productions around New England and the tri-state area. Her first passion is stuntwork, but she also has a love for acting as well and identifies with her character in AUROR’S TALE, allowing her natural personality to help bring her character to life. In addition to her stunt and acting experience, Morgan has worked with horses all of her life and is spending part of this summer training to combine her love of horses and stuntwork for film. Find out more about Morgan on IMDb or watch her stunt reel here.

You might recognize this as another face from our teaser and our Kickstarter videos.

Introducing Sarya Steelwing, the Junior Officer and Lokai Hawthorne’s partner, played by Tabetha Ray.

Here’s a little bit about Tabetha:

Tabetha Ray is a working actress who from a young age knew this is what she was meant to do. It also runs in the family: her great great grandparents performed on Broadway and her great grandfather Steve Courtleigh was a radio actor who voiced both The Shadow and The Green Hornet. She has a number of projects set to be released on DVD shortly, including a great horror movie called THE CEMETERY. Tabetha also works behind the scenes doing screenwriting, producing and costuming. Learn more about Tabetha on her IMDB page at

It’s FANFRIDAY. And that means a new reveal. I bet you recognize this face from our Kickstarter video, but in case you don’t, we are pleased to introduce Christopher Lopez, who plays potions trafficker Felix Quintero. Best of all, Chris will join us at UtopYA Con in Nashville next week! Believe us when we say he is REALLY excited. 

Here’s his bio:

Christopher James Lopez was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He began his study of the arts in middle school at Queens Valley, a magnet arts school, then later Parsons Junior High School to continue his young arts education. He went on to study architecture at the High School of Art and Design at which he became well versed in oil, acrylic, water painting, sculpture, medical illustration, perspective drawing, architectural rendering on Auto Cad, among other things. His study of architecture progressed to the New York Institute of Technology. Two years into the program he realized that sitting in front of a computer was not for him, that the design and freedom by freehand was lost to technological trends. He had always toyed with the idea of becoming an actor, but it seemed like an impossible dream. Upon speaking to an English professor, he changed his major from Architecture to English. The professor, a retired actress, acquainted him with the business of acting, while the English major workload afforded him the opportunity to take acting classes at various acting studios in New York City whose credit conveniently went towards attaining a Bachelor of Arts in English. Upon graduating college, Christopher began to work full time as an actor. He wrote “The Cure” in August of 2011 and later asked his friend and fellow actor, Davi Santos, to finish writing it with him. “The Cure” marks Christopher’s directorial debut. He and Davi Santos are currently working on a joint, writer-director venture entitled, “The Densely Hollow”.

Philip Willingham as Jasper Trickett

Philip Willingham is an actor from London, England now living in NY. He worked in the London’s West End in many stage productions and also for Matthew Bourne’s company New Adventures as a principle actor/dancer. His film credits include The Golden Bowl, Making Waves, Failing Better Now, Under Jacob’s Ladder, and Not For Nothing. Two of his movies just out on world release are Cargo and Musical Chairs, where Philip plays the lead characters. Currently, Philip is also starring as the lead in another NYC-based web series called ‘The Third’ and shooting a movie called ‘79 Parts’. Learn more about Philip at IMDb.

Sebastian Twist, played by Isaac Haldeman

An aspiring actor and working model, Isaac Haldeman has great respect for the artist’s work. While having some credits in theater and on-screen, he is a relative newcomer and is very excited to be working on AUROR’S TALE. He is always in a place of learning more about the work that he does. Isaac lives in New York City.