Happy New Year from Team Auror’s Tale! If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here.

Is that a mannequin, or a Hellhound??

Auror Sarya Steelwing has joined Lokai Hawthorne to keep the celebratory New Yorkers safe.

Happy New Year to all our fans, friends, and supporters!

It has been a long, exciting, and challenging year up here in New York. In June, you made our dreams come true through your generous Kickstarter donations and enthusiastic support. Ever since then, Auror’s Tale has become a huge part of everyone in the cast and crew’s life. We are constantly stumbling across locations that we joke would be perfect for filming; we make up stories about how every landmark from the unicorn statue in Central Park to the lights on the Empire State Building are secretly communication tools used by the Aurors (and has anyone noticed the giant wand overlooking Union Square?); some of us (*cough*Leo*cough*) have been known to carry our wands everywhere; and I don’t think Cassandra has entered her favorite store, Gothic Renaissance, without finding at least one thing to later replicate and incorporate into her costume design for the past six months.

As with all productions run on a tight budget, we have also had our fair share of difficulties. Corrupted hard drives, finding affordable places to film in one of the most expensive cities in the world, an unprecedented national disaster, and working around the schedules of professional actors, authors, students, musicians, directors, and very active industry professionals have all contributed to the unexpected delay in releasing Auror’s Tale Episode 1.

Please be reminded that no one on this project works for pay. Your Kickstarter contributions are going towards location and equipment rentals, costuming, editing equipment, and props. Filming and editing both mean taking time out of our full-time jobs to work because we love Harry Potter, we love you, and we want to give back to the incredible world and fandom that gave many of us our childhoods. It is indeed slow work, but as a mixture of perfectionist filmmakers and Potter aficionados, we are doing our very best to bring you the best possible product, whether it means doing twenty takes of the same scene or editing frame-by-frame (24 per second!) to make certain that the effects are flawless. At this time, we cannot give you a release date, and do not want to make false promises by estimating one. However, we will continue to give you spoiler-free updates as often as we can, and we ask you to please be patient as we try to make this web series as brilliant as we know it has the potential to be!

Additionally, many of you have inquired about the Kickstarter prizes. We are not ready at this time to send those out. We have had a very small amount of teeshirts and sketches printed, as well as some awesome, very authentic looking Auror badges. However, since we are working on a tight budget, we need to continue to look for products that are of the highest quality for the lowest price before we are ready to share these goodies with you. The Master Wandmakers at Alivan’s have been especially helpful in this regard. As our official wand sponsor, they have produced beautiful wands for us, and have been enthusiastically sending designs back and forth (and back and forth, and back and forth!) until everyone is more than satisfied with the uniquely extraordinary craftsmanship involved. We can absolutely promise, however, that your contributions will not go unacknowledged, and you will receive the prizes as soon as they live up to our self-proclaimed fabulous tastes.

We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with love, family, friends, and good food, and thank you so much for the kindness and support you have showed us. On to an adventurous new year!

Best wishes from your new Public Relations Auror,

Rayne Holm

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Hey AurorsArmy and Hellhounders! There’s just two days to go until our biggest FanFriday yet. We can’t EXACTLY tell you what is coming, but we can provide this SNAZZY new version of our teaser to hold you over. Check it out, now with original music by Glen Cheney! 

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Who is this mysterious woman? We hope you enjoy this still from Episode 1 for today’s (very belated) Fan Friday reveal. Get to speculating!

It was a wild ride my friends!

- Tabetha Ray, on wrapping episode one for her character

Congratulations to Tabetha, also known as Junior Officer Sarya Steelwing, on wrapping her scenes for Episode 1! How about a big AurorsArmy round of applause?

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Dispatches From The Deputy: The Deputy's Favorite Tools of her Trade


I’ve cast Imperturbatum in case any Hellhounds might be inclined to listen in.

As defensive magic is my forte, I’ll not disseminate tools of my trade wantonly lest they be used against me. However I was asked to share a few of my favorite spells, hexes or charms to cast. Beyond the most commonly used defensive spells, wards and the basic offensive spells of policing, I am fond of the following:

Cave Inimicum proves more useful than I can say, here in a city where everyone and everything presses too close, and a “Keep Out” sign does no good. This spell keeps more Muggles safe than they’ll ever know. Obsepeo is a necessary secondary precaution.

In New York City, there are far more stairs than people (and that means a lot of stairs). I’ve been known to cast many a Glisseo.

And when I’m forced to suffer fools, Norricto does nicely. So take care what you say.

The Deputy
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Meet Deputy Margaret Kellion, second-in-command at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Wanna know more? Here’s her bio:


WAND: Rosewood, Dragon Heartstring, 11 inches


OCCUPATION:  Deputy at The NYC Department of Magical Law Enforcment

BIO:  She is strict, efficient and chic.  Deput Margaret Kellion graduated as valedictorian of the Salem Academy of Magic in 1993 and was immediately made an Auror in Training thanks to her remarkable academic achievements.  She was officially accepted onto the force in 1995 where she worked as a Junior Auror in the White House Relations Unit for one year and was made a Senior Auror there in 1997.  During her time there, she earned herself a rather shadowy reputation.  The decisions of the muggle politicians began to weigh on her and she sort of strayed.  There are certainly rumors of minor involvement in Hellhound business from 1999-2003.  In 2004 she cut all ties with the W.H.R.U. and took a job as a Senior Auror at the New York City Department of Magical Law Enforcement where she was partnered with one Christopher Munro.  Later, in 2008, she and her partner were elevated to Deputy and Chief of the Department.  She has served alongside him since then.  Margaret is known for her organizational skills and defensive magic.  She is a formidable duelist who works without flourishes or fanciness.  This woman has no tolerance for nonsense but nobly preaches tolerance of magical and non-magical  co-existence.  She serves NYC proudly and gracefully.

Partial cast photo from the set of the Kickstarter video shoot coming first thing in the AM. Stay tuned and thanks for bearing with us!


Instagrams from Auror’s Tale Kickstarter video shoot!  Check us out at https://twitter.com/aurorstale <3

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