Welcome to another AWESOME #FanFriday and welcome to Auror HQ!

This past week we shot a variety of important scenes at the NY Auror Headquarters. There were many performers on set, but for many of our principal characters it was their first encounter with the sprawling grounds of Hempstead House, the home of our very own castle headquarters. Here are some stills from the shoot and an introduction to a never-before-revealed character played by the wonderful & talented Lindsay Goranson. We hope this will get you through until next week when we have even MORE FanFriday goodies to show you.


NAME: Krysta Steelwing

WAND: Bloodwood & Oak, Dragon Heartstring (see below)

PATRONUS: Leopard Seal

OCCUPATION: Senior Officer

BIO: Krysta is the elder of the Steelwing sisters and an efficient Auror. She was raised in Missouri and educated in a private magical academy in Louisiana, The New Orleans Institute for the Magic Arts. Her parents were very supportive of her and saw to it that she received the very finest magical education, but certainly pressured her into considering nothing but the most prestigious sort of careers. Krysta wanted very badly to become a healer, but found she had more of a knack for Defense Against the Dark Arts, as opposed to potions and charms. When the prospect of pursuing a career as an Auror was brought to her, she became passionate about law enforcement. Her parents were divorced halfway through her time at The New Orleans Institute for the Magic Arts and her mother relocated to New York. Krysta sought her job there, after graduating, and was accepted on to the force. While in the city she met and married her wife, Guinevere. Krysta is soft spoken, yet a vicious, brutal duelist. Since she is exceptionally gifted in combat, she is often sent on the most perilous missions the office has to offer. While her temperament is typically mild and polite, if anything poses a threat to a family member, she becomes dangerously defensive. 


About Krysta’s Wand:

Krysta Steelwing. Bloodwood & Oak. 15 1/2 inches. Essence of Dragon Heartstring.

Useful in divination, Bloodwood is said to reveal secrets of both the past and future and to aid its possessor in understanding the given knowledge. Oak has always been respected and admired for its strength and size, representing endurance and power. Because it is often struck by lightning, it has become associated with having the ability to attract inspiration, wisdom and illumination.

We made it to 3,000 Facebook fans! To say thanks, the AUROR’S TALE team is proud to present… gentlemen and ladies… please welcome your Chief Auror, Christopher Munro. Munro is played by Lawrence Crimlis, pictured above. We already revealed Munro’s character bio, but here it is again in case you missed it! 

Chief Christopher Munro

WAND: Mahogany, Dragon heartstring, 15 1/2 inches

PATRONUS: Silverback Gorilla

OCCUPATION: Chief Auror in NYC

BIO: He is the Chief of the Auror Office and is the picture of courage in New York City. He is a seasoned officer and a rightfully proud one. Christopher graduated from the Salem Academy of Magic in 1991 and went on to work as a secretary in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement for one year before becoming a hit wizard. He married Amelia Flores in 1994 and had a son by the name of Anthony. In 1995, Munro was sought out by the Auror Office. Christopher was initiated as a Junior Auror and worked in the lower tier of the special forces unit until 2004 when he was promoted to the rank of Senior Auror and was partnered with, the current Deputy, Margaret Kellion. Amelia filed for divorce in 2009, just after he was promoted to Chief. He currently has joint custody of his son, who is now 18 going on 19 years old. While Christopher is an expert duelist and unparalleled interrogator, he has a great weakness. His memory has been failing him since 2009.  It is now so far declined that he dictates everything to the Deputy and writes down key points on his wrist every day. This disadvantage does not stop him from serving the city or giving his utmost and most formidable best as leader of the Aurors.

Happy Fan Friday!

To celebrate the end of our Kickstarter and our appearance at UtopYA Con, we are happily proud to present a little bit more about our main character!

Lokai Hawthorne

WAND: African Blackwood, Phoenix Feather, 15 3/4 inches

PATRONUS: Frisian Horse.

OCCUPATION: Junior Auror

BIO: The name Hawthorne is legend in American Auror Offices. Lokai’s father was an established and utterly excellent officer, who brought down dozens of criminal organizations on the east coast before his disappearance. It was no surprise that his son, Lokai, would strive to finish his father’s good work. Lokai attended Salem Academy of Magic. There he was head of the Dueling Club, earned a reputation for mischief, and spent his days with his dearest friend, Victoria Barron. He barely graduated, however, after tragedy struck. He was seventeen and in his last year at Salem Academy when his father went missing. But Chief Munro, of the New York City Auror Office, saw to it that the young man got his diploma and began working as an Auror In Training. Lokai’s mother returned to Vietnam with the rest of her family. It was an emotional but necessary parting, as mother and son had to grieve in different ways. Lokai threw himself into this work, abandoned his friends, and thrived in a career that was so action oriented and such an excellent distraction. Now we find him as a newly recruited Junior Officer and beginning his journey as an Auror. He’s often obstinate, usually arrogant, and always looking for a fight. He, as well as the rest of the world, suspect that the Hellhounds were behind his father’s disappearance. He’s eager to bring them all to justice.

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Meet Deputy Margaret Kellion, second-in-command at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Wanna know more? Here’s her bio:


WAND: Rosewood, Dragon Heartstring, 11 inches


OCCUPATION:  Deputy at The NYC Department of Magical Law Enforcment

BIO:  She is strict, efficient and chic.  Deput Margaret Kellion graduated as valedictorian of the Salem Academy of Magic in 1993 and was immediately made an Auror in Training thanks to her remarkable academic achievements.  She was officially accepted onto the force in 1995 where she worked as a Junior Auror in the White House Relations Unit for one year and was made a Senior Auror there in 1997.  During her time there, she earned herself a rather shadowy reputation.  The decisions of the muggle politicians began to weigh on her and she sort of strayed.  There are certainly rumors of minor involvement in Hellhound business from 1999-2003.  In 2004 she cut all ties with the W.H.R.U. and took a job as a Senior Auror at the New York City Department of Magical Law Enforcement where she was partnered with one Christopher Munro.  Later, in 2008, she and her partner were elevated to Deputy and Chief of the Department.  She has served alongside him since then.  Margaret is known for her organizational skills and defensive magic.  She is a formidable duelist who works without flourishes or fanciness.  This woman has no tolerance for nonsense but nobly preaches tolerance of magical and non-magical  co-existence.  She serves NYC proudly and gracefully.